Remarkable! Kirby admits US will rely on terrorists to let troops leave safely


Pentagon press secretary and spokesperson John Kirby made a remarkable statement today when asked how they draw down the troops safely. Every soldier will be removed.

Kirby responded by admitting that the Taliban WILL HAVE TO LET THE US TROOPS LEAVE SAFELY!

The US is relying on terrorists to let our soldiers leave safely. So who are the last soldiers out?



Kirby still won’t tell us how many Americans the US has evacuated. He said he’ll just leave it “at several thousand.”

REPORTER: “Can this administration tell the American people how many Americans it has evacuated from Afghanistan? Why can’t you just say the number?”

KIRBY: “We’re just going to leave it at several thousand right now.”

Mike Huckabee writes on Twitter: Biden, Kirby, Psaki–all lying. They say they don’t know how many Americans are in Afghanistan but claim to be calling, emailing and texting them. If you have their names and contact info, can’t you count them?

About the date of departure, Kirby won’t give any “specific TikTok.” Roughly speaking, they need several days.


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