Cursing woman trashes Rep over ‘white nationalist’ Pledge of Allegiance


In a profanity-filled voicemail, an Iowa woman blasted State Rep. Carter Nordman, accusing him of encouraging ‘White nationalism,’ because of his support for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools. Rep. Nordman gives an excellent response at the end.

She is a good example of what our schools are turning out these days and representative of what the USA will look like one day — a Marxist hovel. The woman is one of the many cursing drones who can’t think independently and blathers the nonsense fed to her by America haters in our schools and elsewhere.


‘When did we start teaching White nationalism in schools? Because that’s exactly what the f**k you’re doing, sir, and you have absolutely no right to require something like that,’ the anonymous caller said.

‘Our children aren’t proud to be American,’ she added, noting that maybe ‘White suburban kids’ may be proud to be U.S. citizens because their rights are afforded to them every day and they don’t have to fight for them,’ but argued that minorities, women, the poor and the elderly are ‘not f***king proud’.

Nordman was one of the legislators who advocated for the recent passage of House File 415, which requires Iowa public schools to recite the pledge and display the American flag at least once each day.

He is trying to bring back pride in America.

If only we could trade her for some Afghans who would make good Americans.

Rep. Nordman was interviewed on Fox & Friends about the poorly-educated woman. He talked about the Afghans clinging to the side of the US plane because that flag represents their only hope.

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