Biden celebrates 2nd place in NV, seemingly convinced he’s a winner


While on stage today in Vegas after his big loss, Biden said he “probably did awfully well with Culinary workers.” He appears to have lost five of the seven strip caucuses, dominated by those workers, to Sanders, WaPo reporter Dave Weigl reports.

And in this next clip, he and his team are lauding his performance.

While he came in second, Bernie trounced him. Bernie had about 54% when he had 17%. It’s a disaster for Biden. He’s trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Only the month before, he held a double-digit lead. He’s cratering and his staff seems to have convinced him he won.

One supporter yelled out that he was the “Comeback kid.” [With 17% of the vote?]


This next clip was embarrassing as MSNBC cut into him boasting he isn’t dead yet so they could announce Bernie’s win:

Biden is still easily confused.

A befuddled former Vice President Joe Biden mistakenly claimed that his late son Beau was the U.S. Attorney General during a CNN town hall on Thursday.

Beau was the Attorney General of Delaware, not the United States. Biden was answering a question on restoring the barrier between the Department of Justice and the Oval Office when he became confused.

Donald Trump Jr. slammed the mistake saying that “enough is enough.”

He said that “Biden has no idea what he’s saying or where he is most of the time” and that “it’s not right anymore.”


The insanity of the left has no bounds. Democratic strategist James Carville thinks Putin wants Bernie to win so Trump will win. That’s actually what he wants us to believe.



  1. Remember those old Nike shirts saying that second place is the first loser. Maybe they could do an update for Colin K done up as Al Bundy with the saying…no good at football but found his true calling selling shoes.
    Hopefully everything won’t go off all half baked and mismanaged but it sure seems that way sometimes.
    Participation trophies for all and a Universal Basic Income for you and your unicorn!

  2. If his family cared anything at all about the Biden name they would find him a rest home with a rocking chair and lead him off stage. But I suppose his kids are just as corrupt as he was when he still had all of his marbles.

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