Biden Touts Ignorance on Afghanistan Withdrawal


There is a great deal of proof that Joe Biden was warned about the pitfalls of withdrawing completely from Afghanistan. An Army Intelligence report warned of the potential pitfalls of the withdrawal of United States troops in Afghanistan.

However, Biden either won’t acknowledge it or he is clueless.

We have nine minutes of the Lester Holt-Joe Biden interview and one short clip on the Afghanistan withdrawal which is making the rounds on social media. Biden answers a gentle question about his disastrous withdrawal claiming ignorance. Ignorance is definitely believable since he’s out of it much of the time.

The withdrawal from the embassy was last minute and the Afghan employees were left behind.

“Another described getting folks in the embassy ready to evacuate and encountering people who were essentially in denial of the situation. Does any of that ring true to you?” the host said.

“No, what I was told … no one told me that … look, there was no good time to get out. But if we had not gotten out, they acknowledged that we would have had to put a hell of a lot more troops back in. It wasn’t just 2,000, 4,000,” he said. “We would have had to significantly increase the number of troops and would be back in this war of attrition.”

“I just want to clarify. Are you rejecting the conclusions or the accounts that are in this Army report?” he said.

“Yes, I am,” the president said.

“So they’re [the reports] not true?” the host pressed.

“I’m rejecting them,” the president said.

Even if Biden wasn’t told, how could he have not known? Everyone knew as the Taliban raced to Kabul. People were dumbfounded that nothing at all was done.

Watch (the longer clip follows):

Nine minutes of Biden:

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