Gov Whitmer Loves Violent Commie Protests But Not Trucker Protests


Governor Whitmer of Michigan is quite upset about the Freedom Truckers Convoy. She hates the right since she is a far-left Democrat.

“We cannot incite and encourage people to break the law,” she said. They’re “throwing Americans out of work” and “creating another economic crisis” and it’s “incredibly dangerous.”

She is a member of the party that fires thousands regularly for not getting a so-called vaccine. Whitmer was a big Antifa and Black Lives Matter proponent. She marched with them.

Is Whitmer talking about herself when she complains about the economic crisis? She locked down everything in Michigan causing economic devastation for many. She didn’t think anything of it then. Whitmer also pushed to defund the police and abolish ICE. That creates crises.


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Perseus and the Shield
Perseus and the Shield
1 year ago

Breaking-Michigan tow truck operators are waiting on Ambassador Bridge to tow in Canada.
UK has removed all troops from Ukraine. (h/t-the great Aesop)

Chatting With Colonel Kurtz
Chatting With Colonel Kurtz
1 year ago

What a vile loathsome creature, a younger Nancy Pelosi.
You know her husband is probably the ultimate soy cuck moobs blob.
I love that story where the boatyard said no discount comrade and we don’t care who your spouse is.