Biden Declares Japan’s Xenophobic Because of Immigration Laws


Joe Biden said Wednesday that U.S. ally Japan was struggling economically because of xenophobia, along with other countries, including China and Russia.

Speaking at a campaign fundraiser in Washington that marked the start of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Biden said the U.S. economy was growing in part “because we welcome immigrants.”

He means unvetted, anonymous illegal immigrants.

“Think about it,” he said. “Why is China stalling so bad economically…why is Japan having trouble…why is Russia?”

“Because they’re xenophobic,” he said. “They don’t want immigrants.”

They want to preserve their culture, Joe. This is what he says to our longtime ally: an actual democracy. And he has the gall to say it while our economy is sinking under the weight of Bidenomics.

NBC News reported that a so-called expert claimed that experts would agree.

While many experts would agree with Biden’s statement, “it’s not something diplomatic to say about one of America’s closest allies, especially because America has its own problems with xenophobia that Japanese are seeing on the news all the time,” said Jeffrey Hall, Japanese studies lecturer at Kanda University of International Studies in Chiba, Japan. “So it just strikes me as something that was unnecessary to say in this context,” he told NBC News.

NBC News said that Japan doesn’t have enough workers and is hampered by immigration laws that prevent them from granting permanent residency.

The article goes on to discuss a lawsuit by three foreigners who want residency and a weak yen.

It looks like Japan is the next target for mass immigration. Is Biden convincing anyone with this argument?

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