Biden Demands Bibi Give $$$ & Aid to Gaza, Insists on PA Rule Over Gaza


Biden’s administration this weekend pressured Israel to allow more aid into Gaza and to restore internet connectivity to the enclave, “a concerted effort to ease a growing humanitarian crisis that comes amid fears of a widening regional war,” Wapo reports.

“Biden and Netanyahu held a difficult conversation last weekend with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Israel’s decision to withhold part of the tax revenue it collects for the Palestinian Authority,” Axios reports.

The Israeli government said that it would transfer all the funds except for those it says go to Hamas-run Gaza. The PA funds terrorism and Hamas and is also very corrupt, which is why Donald Trump stopped funding them.

According to The Washington Post (WaPo), in Biden’s first phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since an expanded Israeli ground operation in Gaza began, the president “underscored the need to immediately and significantly increase the flow of humanitarian assistance to meet the needs of civilians in Gaza,” according to a White House summary of the call.

Later, a top Israeli official told CNN as many as 100 trucks a day could soon be moving into the strip.

Biden has also repeatedly insisted that the Palestinian Authority, which currently governs part of the West Bank, must also rule Gaza after Hamas is eliminated and that a Palestinian state must be established joining the two territories.

The reason the West Bank has as many problems as it does is because of the Palestinian Authority.

Biden wants a Palestinian state after they just tried to annihilate Israelis and admitted they’re going to continue trying to annihilate Israelis. The Palestinian Authority gives its money to terrorists. They don’t commit the acts per se, but they fund and incite them. That’s a well-known fact.

“Netanyahu is rejecting those tenets with increasingly forceful public statements, leaving it unclear how the United States and Israel will resolve fundamental differences about the future of the region. The most immediate issue, U.S. officials say, is deciding who will be responsible for governing the tiny enclave on “the day after” when the fighting in Gaza ends,” WaPo says.

WaPo continued: “The Palestinian Authority has been plagued for years by corruption and weakness, and Gaza voters ousted the PA from their government in 2006, a year after Israel withdrew from the enclave in favor of Hamas. But U.S. officials argue that there is no alternative to the PA as a pragmatic force representing the Palestinians, and Biden often speaks of a postwar Gaza that would join the West Bank in being run by a “revitalized” Palestinian Authority.”

American officials “insist that Gaza must be under Palestinian rule in a way that connects governance in the West Bank with Gaza,” said Martin Indyk, who represented the United States in failed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks under President Barack Obama. “There’s only one legally constituted candidate for this job: the Palestinian Authority.”

“Bibi [Netanyahu] rejects this idea out of hand because his coalition partners are intent on doing away with the Palestinian Authority,” added Indyk, who is now the Lowy distinguished fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “They want to annex the West Bank rather than have the Palestinian Authority govern there, so they don’t want it resurrected via a new role in governing Gaza.”

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Mark Nedelman
Mark Nedelman
23 days ago

Biden? Hmmm…I seem to remember that name. Wasn’t he the guy who told Israel way back in October “Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.” Months later Biden’s decision to screw Israel is not his decision, but that of Barry the Puppet Master, our former foreign policy genius.

1 month ago

As I wrote on an Israeli news site, Biden may support Israel in their operation but he sure as hell doesn’t support Netanyahu. It’s quite obvious Biden wants Netanyahu out and the best way is to make it nearly impossible for the IDF to clear out Hamas. Even the leftist Israeli media can’t understand why and how this coalition continues. As one guest said today, none of the Likudniks will leave the government. Biden, and the West, need to realize Oct. 7th united the right and the left in a wide majority opposition of the “two-state” solution.

1 month ago


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Biden is certifiably out of his mind, but obviously, so is his Puppet Master.
To encourage and more so to find terrorists is a direct threat to everything that is decent and especially to peace and safety.
There can be no compromise with bullies, terrorists and other criminals. They must be eliminated.
The same is true in the USA.

I twill not happen, but the Democrat Party, now determined to destroy the USA, should be decertified, it’s corporate status taken away and all assets seized as the criminal organization it has become.

It wouldn’t happen because the DoJ is just as corrupt.