Biden doubles down on condescension towards black people


Joe Biden, fresh off his racist statement to Charlamagne tha God, embarrassed himself again on CNN, exposing more bigotry.

On the popular show, The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne, he said if you don’t vote for him, you “ain’t black.” He also said the NAACP endorsed him, but they don’t endorse anyone. That was another lie.

On CNN, as he tried to walk it back, he said he was going to make sure black people have houses as nice as white people have in a white neighborhood.

How condescending is that? He’s a racist, he is.

And when did he work in black neighborhoods, other than teaching black children about his hairy legs, of course?

The only reason black leaders support him is that he will appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court and he might select a black woman running mate. It’s power.


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