Biden Fiat: New Vehicles Must Average 49 mpg by 2026


Biden reversed Donald Trump’s rules for new vehicles sold in the United States. They are now mandating vehicles AVERAGE at least 49 miles per gallons by 2026. The Trump administration requirement was 32 mpg. Notice how Congress and the American people have NOTHING to say about this. It’s just another rule.

That includes cars and trucks.

The  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said fuel efficiency requirements will increase by 8 percent annually for 2024 and 2025 model years, and 10 percent annually for model year 2026. That’s only four years from now with huge increases in two years.

It is due to their bizarre and grossly exaggerated climate science ideology.

According to The new rules come as the Biden administration is struggling to combat rising gasoline prices with costs surging past $4 a gallon in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The average price on Thursday was $4.22 per gallon, according to the American Automobile Association.

The Bidenistas are deliberately pumping up fuel prices. They want to make it seem as if electric cars or the bus are the answer. They are doing this as they pretend the increase in gas prices isn’t their fault.

This is very dishonest. The rise in prices is manufactured by the Biden Administration and their radical assault on the fossil fuel industry.

The Trump administration had in March 2020 rolled back fuel efficiency requirements to 1.5 percent annual increases through 2026. The Obama administration had required 5 percent annual increases.

The new regulation (pdf) is similar to the EPA rules (pdf) announced in December 2021.


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the new rule “means that American families will be able to drive further before they have to fill up, saving hundreds of dollars per year.” What he is not saying is the auto companies can’t meet their unreasonable requirements.

Buttigieg has already said that people who can’t afford an EV can take a bus.

NHTSA estimates (pdf) that under the rule, consumers could save $1,387 in fuel costs over the life of a vehicle. but the average cost of a new vehicle would also increase by almost that much—$1,087.

It’s not about saving. It’s about forcing people on to public transportation since many won’t be able to afford electric cars.

The automobile industry wants big subsidies which means the 50% of Americans who do pay federal taxes will pay for that too. Once there are no other options, the subsidies will be gone and EVs will be too expensive for most people.


HTSA also recently reinstated higher penalties for automakers whose vehicles do not comply. For the 2019-21 model years, the civil penalty rate is now $14. That is up from $5.50, for each tenth of a mile per gallon that an automaker’s performance falls short of its compliance obligation, multiplied by the number of vehicles in its fleet. For 2022, the fine is $15.

Automakers, now represented by the alliance, argued in 2016 that the increased penalty could raise industry compliance costs by at least $1 billion annually.

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1 year ago

This is just another assault on Small Business. A Truck needed to transport building supplies isn’t going to get 49 MPG and the Equivalent EV would be 3 times the cost. Who makes out – China, they supply the Batteries. What happened to the idea of Hydrogen to power vehicles which could be economically produced by Nuclear Power Plants? The Toyota Mirai uses a fuel cell, but almost all Internal combustion engines could be redesigned to burn Hydrogen. The Mirai can be refueled in 5 minutes and will actually go 300 miles. Burning LPG is already popular in many countries and is very clean. The Zero Emission insanity is just that; insanity. I actually heard a Greenie say we can’t have Hydrogen Vehicles because they emit Water and so aren’t Zero Emission. This is what you get from crazy people with Liberal Arts Degrees. Liberals can only deal with one single issue at a time. They are now fixated on Zero Emissions and can’t compromise, so they are are creating a Hazardous Waste time bomb with Lithium Batteries and other hazardous materials used to produce those expensive EVs. A practical EV would be a commuter car the size of the Chevy Spark if it sold for under $14,000, had a 70 mile Range, a built in charger, and could be recharge it in 8 hours via a home 220v Outlet or anywhere on a standard 115v outlet. EVs should be special purpose city vehicles. EVs are not ready to replace the Fossil Fuel Car or Truck and won’t be for at least 20 or 30 years.

Traitor Joe is a demented moron asking for the ridiculous and impractical. That is why President Trump adopted more realistic goals. The reality is a President or the Congress should not even have the power to make rules like this. The People should be telling Government what direction the Nation will take; not Government telling The People. We need to strip the Government of all Mandate Powers.

1 year ago

Shows you just how stupid this man is.

Trotsky Hates that Pick Axe
Trotsky Hates that Pick Axe
1 year ago

Rule be executive fiat was around long before Hussein the Immaculate.
Now that the Long March to sell out the USA is complete, they no longer feel the need to hide it as the Fundamental Transformation into the United States of South Africa proceeds.

Honky the Clown
Honky the Clown
1 year ago

There are plenty of Zils and Trabants over in the former Eastern Bloc countries.
Bring them back with unicorns and Flintstone foot power.
Maybe Dear Leader could decide that a certain industry is no longer allowed to be in business, like bakeries or a documentary maker.