Apple Will Mobilize Vast Resources Against Laws Like Florida’s Parent Rights’ Bill


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, a prominent gay executive, plans to mobilize all of Apple’s mighty resources against so-called anti-LGBTQIA laws that discriminate or fail to protect them, from his perspective. He is concerned about laws proliferating throughout the country. That includes the Florida parental rights bill which bans grooming in grades K-3.

He thinks protecting LGBTQs means letting them instruct children 5-9 in transgenderism.

Cook has deployed an army of lobbyists to fight laws that limit protections for trans and gay people or their families in Iowa, Florida, Texas and at least six other states.

There are no limits on how many lobbyists corporations can send to DC so the rich have a decided advantage over the people on every issue.

Sexualizing Little Children

The only problem is these laws protect children from grooming efforts by teachers who want to sexualize very young children.

The Florida law, for one, prevents instruction in gender identity and transgenderism in grades K-3. It puts the rights for that type of instruction back into the hands of parents.

Apple’s communications, government affairs and legal offices have also opposed some of the bills, working with policymakers and advocacy groups to plot out strategies and filing court briefs in cases involving LGBTQ rights.

They will oppose anything that does not allow LGBTQ ideology, including the belief that there are many genders, men and women can change sexes, and children should be taught this out of the womb.

Apple claims studies show that they can’t retain staff in states that have these laws. They further claim that is why they are doing it.

Maybe lying about these laws is what is working. The Florida law is in no way anti-LGBTQ, but anything that protects young children or parents’ rights to instruct their own children about sex is to the LGBTQ lobby — against them. In fact, they are taking away the rights of parents.

Apple recently became the only business that has reported lobbying against legislation in Iowa that would ban transgender girls from participating in girls’ K-12 or collegiate sports. The law is to protect girl’s sports. It is unfair for biological boys and men to compete with girls and women in women’s sports. It will destroy women’s sports.

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1 year ago

Does Apple advocate this position so vehemently in China also?

1 year ago

For those who claim that the Florida bill is anti-gay, please quote the exact phrase or phrases in the bill that use the word “gay”

1 year ago

Tim Cook has no problem with Chinese Slaves building his products for cheap.

1 year ago

why didn’t you post my destroy all apple products in the street comment … no wonder no one comments here , you are Facsist moderating scum …..

1 year ago

All people that are not lgbtq sub human satanists should take their apple products to the street and destroy them …..