Biden Fights to Protect Ukraine’s Border While Leaving Ours Wide Open


If we placed signs on the Texas/Mexico border that read “Ukraine border,” would Biden immediately send US troops to protect it?

~ Twitter User

Biden spent time today walking back his comment about seeming to okay a “minor incursion” of Ukraine. Enfeebled Joe suggested a small incursion might not bring about a response from the US. Kamala Harris tried to walk it back this morning.

There is no walking it back with Russian President Putin. He knows that Biden is the person who surrendered Afghanistan to Taliban and set up a situation where 13 Americans and 700 Afghans were murdered by terrorists.

At the same time, Biden is attacking the legitimacy of US elections, something he accused Donald Trump of doing. Biden even said that the midterms might be unfair if his anti-democratic voting rights bills aren’t passed. When he decided to go along with rewriting the nation’s elections laws, he admits he did NOT reach out to one Republican. He’s a dictator, ruling by fiat.

Biden appeared delusional, dishonest, and fully unfit to serve during yesterday’s presser. Reporters barely called him on any of it because they are corrupt.

The conference yesterday ignored our border. There was not one question on it. Yet, Biden and his cabal are very concerned about Ukraine’s border. This is NOT NORMAL and it is NOT OKAY.


More than 2 million came in illegally last year and many more came in by stealth who are not counted in these figures.

Most coming in are young men of cartel age.

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