CHOP Warlord, Rewarded for His Criminal Activities, Sued for Sex Trafficking


Five women have sued CHOP warlord Raz Simone, a Seattle hip-hop artist turned warlord. Four of the women say he trafficked them and physically abused them.

Raz served as a CHOP warlord during the summer of love when he took over part of Seattle’s downtown, making it into a little hellhole. Guns, drugs, extortion, and murder took place in the autonomous zone he and his allies cordoned off.

Raz would become violent during interviews:

Mayor Jenny wouldn’t let the federal officers help with the mess created by this criminal and other criminals pretending to be protesters.

Their demands were insane. They demanded the abolishing of police, reparations, releasing out of prison all violent criminals who are people of color and getting them new trials, closing all jails, and so on.

The police had to negotiate with this warlord after they burned their precinct done, thanks to a bizarre city council and mayor.

Raz was gifted with an $83,000 grant to build his recording studio. It looked like a reward for the violence and arson he oversaw.

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