Biden flushes more solid blue collar democratic jobs down the tubes


Tax happy Biden just flushed more blue collar union jobs down the tubes. At least it’s happening on his watch.

The United Auto Workers union has informed workers that Ford plans to move a major project worth $900 million from Ohio to its plant in Mexico, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The UAW said Ford is walking away from their promise.

During labor negotiations in 2019, Ford pledged to spend $900 million on the factory, in part to retool for a new model that it would start building in 2023.

In a separate letter to employees, the Ohio plant manager, Jason Moore, said conditions have changed since the last UAW contract was negotiated and pointed to other investments the company has made at the factory, including hiring more than 100 workers to increase pickup trucks production.

Let’s see, what changed? It couldn’t be the administration which is going to up all the taxes on businesses, could it?

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