News alert! House Dems pass amnesty bill with quick citizenship for millions


House Democrats passed legislation Thursday that would create a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, taking a piecemeal approach to illegal immigration.

The report notes that nearly 4.5 million people would be naturalized through the Dream and Promise Act, including allowing those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to apply for citizenship.

If they say 4.5 million, it will be a lot more and they will chain migrate their families into the United States.

Best of all for Democrats, they will overwhelmingly vote for them.

In a separate report, Axios explained: It would provide a path to citizenship to immigrants who arrived in the U.S. before Jan. 1, 2021, were under the age of 18 at the time, and meet other criteria.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Mitch will now show us what his next step is in betraying America. Ignore his little whimpers, he is in full betrayal mode. Mitch’s gang of backstabbing, profiteering RINOs may get this bill through the senate, as they continue to spit upon the law and the party base. It’s best if the republican party crash lands to eliminate the crooks. Since the junk party has chosen to not remove China Mitch, it is doomed.

Omega Man vs. Trash Can Man
Omega Man vs. Trash Can Man
2 years ago

Fundamental Transformation term three, the end of the republic.
Maybe something could be built back better from the ashes?