Biden forgets what he’s talking about mid-sentence


Watch the leader of the sinking ship. All who pushed him into the presidency, especially Dr. Jill, should be imprisoned.

Biden forgot what he was saying mid-sentence in the first clip.

In this longer clip, he sounds like he can’t talk without tremendous effort. Is he off his dementia meds?

He also tried to take credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden. Biden actually opposed the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden but it doesn’t stop him from taking credit for it.

In this clip, the reporters sound like a swarm of locusts.



  1. In 2008 America suffered a massive stroke with the election of Obama/Biden.

    Not surprising, it resulted in the complete inability to function or be productive on the Left side.

    By electing Biden/Harris in 2020 it is triggering another stroke that would kill the country.

  2. They couldn’t allow Trump his second term and the Big Steal is a bridge too far.
    Cosmic guard rails are tripped when things get this far out of balance.

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