Biden Gives Trudeau a New Name – Prime Minister Joe


During a Friday morning summit at the White House, Joe Biden appeared his usual perky self, slurring his words, staring at his notes, and calling Justin Trudeau “Prime Minister Joe.”

The leader of the free world, Joe Biden, seemed to call the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, “Prime Minister Joe” before self-correcting.

Biden said, “I think Prime Minister Joe and President… and I think Prime Minister Trudeau and President (inaudible) are also uh uh and I also thank President Chavez uh for I want to thank them for committing to establish a new Regional Center of Excellence in Costa Rica.”

He was reading that. Joe didn’t have to memorize it.

The discussion was on possible reforms to the Inter-American Development Bank and the development of a “Fund for Nature.” Biden slurred away from his notes, barely looking up at the audience.

Democrats wholeheartedly support Joe to go on until 2028.

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