Biden goes off on CBS reporter for daring to ask about Ukraine scandal


CBS News campaign reporter Bo Erickson asked slow Joe on Friday night to respond to the New York Post‘s recent story about Hunter Biden allegedly setting up a meeting between his father and a top executive at Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma. This was while Hunter sat on the board, and everyone knew Burisma was corrupt.

Biden called it a “smear campaign,” and then bashed Erickson for daring to ask.

Erickson posted a video of the exchange on Twitter, tweeting in his message, “I asked Joe Biden: What is your response to the NYPost story about your son, sir? He called it a ‘smear campaign’ and then went after me. ‘I know you’d ask it. I have no response. It’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.'”


Doesn’t anyone in the media demand answers any longer? Biden might be in bed with the Chinese Communist Party and ready to be blackmailed or sell the USA to China as he has in the past. But the media doesn’t care because of Orange Man Bad.

The media is the enemy of the people.

They’re mostly not only not curious, but, without investigating, they’re screaming about Putin again.

Paula Reid went after Biden in defense of Bo. Good for her!

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Oliver Clozoff
Oliver Clozoff
3 years ago

When you can be smeared with the truth…

Stalin's Orchestra
Stalin's Orchestra
3 years ago

Erickson is now an unperson. Airbrush (photoshop) all of his pics from the Communist Bolshevik Soviet. To the digital gulag with this wrongthink comrade for this thoughtcrime.
Decrease all rations and exile him to be with the deplorable kulak untermenschen in Red State.