Trump warns Biden will stack the Court, then take your guns


During his Friday rally in Macon, Georgia, President Donald Trump warned that Joe Biden would use an election victory to stack to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and “shred” the Second Amendment.

Trump talked about Biden’s ABC News town hall, saying, “Last night, Biden refused to rule out court-packing.” He then suggested Biden could increase the number of SCOTUS justices to “16, 17, 18 people,” all of whom will be “radical left judges who will shred your Second Amendment, disarm law-abiding citizens, and protect terrorists and violent criminals.”

He noted that the radical left “…have nothing but disdain for you and your values.”

Trump said, “They complain about guns … They want to end your Second Amendment, but they want protection for themselves,” adding, “They demonize our great police and law enforcement while hiring private security for themselves. They attack the Second Amendment every single day while employing armed guards.”

He stressed, “Let me tell you, I am the only thing standing between you and your Second Amendment. It’s under siege.”

He’s right. Biden already said he’s putting Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke in charge of guns. Beto already said he would go door-to-door to confiscate guns.

The President also talked about the Democrat goal to open our borders and flood them with people looking for free healthcare.

Go to 1:25:

Democrats have been after Heller since the decision was rendered. If they win, Heller is gone, and there will be no right to private gun ownership or even self-defense. You will only have the right to call 911, as former Justice Stevens said. This is as Democrats defund police while letting criminals loose.

The Court they want to pack is the only branch of government that protects our individual rights.


Trump promised Biden he would turn the job over to gun confiscator Beto.

In the clip below, Quid Pro Joe promises, “And by the way, this guy (Beto) has changed the face of what we deal with in regard to guns, assault weapons, in regard to Climate Change. And I just want to warn ?, if I win, I’m coming for him (Beto).”

Here’s moderate Joe’s gun confiscator:

The Squad is already telling Joe who he can’t have in his administration, and they are confident they can fill a lot of the seats with their hard-left lunatics.

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