Biden has a $2 trillion plan for the environment inspired by AOC’s Green New Deal


Joe Biden is about to unveil a $2 trillion “climate agenda.” Apparently, it is inspired by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) absolutely ridiculous Green New Deal.  It is designed to recast environmental policy as a domestic economic development tool, according to per the Wall Street Journal.

Biden’s policy is allegedly a declaration of “unity” with Bernie Sanders that will address “climate justice.”

In addition to stating that he will put the US back into the Paris Accord, on Tuesday, Biden’s campaign announced the $2 trillion additional “investment plan.”

The plan, “would attempt to eliminate carbon emissions from the power grid by 2035, put Americans into electric vehicles and zero-emission mass transit, and rebuild roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. The plan would devote spending to minority communities and bolster rules to support unions, which the Biden campaign frames as a way to ensure benefits go first to the poor and working-class people and to communities hurt the most by pollution.”

It looks a lot like O-Cortez’s plan.

The difference from her plan is it doesn’t yet call for eliminating nuclear energy or natural gas fracking. It doesn’t seem as frenzied in its approach to eliminating a carbon-powered grid.

The infrastructure spending plan is also close in nature to President Donald Trump’s but the President, per Business Insider, planned to execute it through equity investment and “private partnerships.”

Biden’s campaign says his plan would be paid “with a mix of tax increases on corporations and the wealthy and stimulus spending, likely related to the coronavirus pandemic. A campaign aide said if Mr. Biden is elected president he would work with Congress to expand stimulus spending that wouldn’t need to be offset by spending cuts.”

Biden has already proposed a tax increase on America’s highest wage earners, from 37% to 39.5%. He will cancel all of the Republican tax cuts.

Joe Biden has caved to the radical left on all fronts: He says there is no place for coal or fracking in his administration.

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