Biden holds an event with a very teeny audience! It’s about the science?


NY Times reporter Lisa Lerer compared the Biden event this week with an itty bitty audience to the upcoming Trump rally on Saturday with up to 100,000 expected to attend and 1 million who asked for tickets.

According to her, it’s because, “Mr. Biden believes he can win by following public health guidelines, respecting science and providing the kind of stability many Americans are craving after the chaos of the Trump administration.”

One might disagree. If the left’s concerns were about science, they would have said something when the protesters/rioters were and are marching around.

Ms. Lerer described the Biden event:

“There was no soundtrack of carefully selected, inoffensive pop music blasting in the background. No reporters fighting over power outlets and positioning. No rope line for the candidate to walk, shaking hands and snapping selfies.”

“Oh, and hardly any voters.”

“About 20 handpicked local officials, small-business owners, and reporters sat in folding chairs, each placed within a large white circle taped on the floor of a recreation center to maintain — or at least encourage — social distancing. A few attendees whispered to each other as photographers quietly chatted. You could hear the clack of typing echoing across the room. The silence was striking…Nearly everyone wore masks.”

What an embarrassing event.

Biden, who never has much of an audience and can’t string two coherent sentences together, says Trump is endangering lives.

Trump’s team has a different viewpoint. Tim Murtagh, a Trump campaign spokesman says, “This is obviously a tactic to help him avoid errors and embarrassing, lost trains of thought, while also conveniently preventing the press corps from asking him any questions in person.”

As the left rails about President Trump’s huge audiences, they praise the mobs:


We face an existential threat from the leftists who have agitated and educated our youth for three generations. These same people control entertainment, media, education, and they destroy every single thing they touch.

The effects of that are now clear. The radical leftists of Black Lives Matter have taken America by storm. They plan to replace capitalism with socialism, abolish the police, release criminals, and they see communist Venezuela as a role model. They are the reconstituted Black Panthers and they were inspired by the lunatics at Occupy Wall Street.

For some reason, some Americans cannot see it.

Appearing Friday on CNN’s The Lead, Black Lives Matter Global Network co-founder Patrisse Cullors said President Donald Trump should resign from office immediately and said, “our goal is to get Trump out.”

Cullors knows Biden is weak and will be their puppet.

Biden will not be able to handle the mob, even if he wanted to do so which is doubtful. The USA of tomorrow?:

Whatever his flaws, the only person who stands between them and us is President Trump. This isn’t an election between Trump and Biden, it’s a choice between the USA and the mob.
President Trump will speak twice, once to the crowd indoors, and again to the crowd outside:

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