Biden Ignores the September Revolution of the GenZs in Iran


Despite shutting down the Internet, Iranian youth have found ways to get videos out showing mothers screaming “Damn you Khamenei.” The nation is in their 12th night of protests with at least 70 protesters killed. It began on September 16th. Biden doesn’t care and most media ignores it.

Women are burning their hijabs while dancing around bonfires. One young woman is cutting her hair in public while crowds chant “death to the dictator.”

It’s the revolution of the GenZs.

Since September 16, Iranians are talking revolution again as they did during the Green Revolution while Barack Obama was president.

The totalitarian regime or power-mad Mullahs in Iran relentlessly embrace the dogma of 1,000 years ago. They believe in the power of women to irresistibly entice men simply by their physical appearance.

Masha Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman was not known for provocative political behavior. Yet, she was beaten to death by Iran’s morality police for having too much hair showing beneath her mandatory headscarf.

Demonstrations for Amini and against religious tyranny are now raging across Iran.

At the same time, Biden continues to pursue a nuke deal with Iran to enrich these same men who are killing women for showing too much hair.

Barack Obama didn’t support the Green Revolution in 2009 either and it was crushed. He mindlessly wanted a nuclear deal.

In his letters to the Supreme Leader, Obama expressed his hope for engagement. Later, in the meetings between U.S. and Iranian officials in Oman in 2012 and 2013, he made irreversible concessions on Iran’s “right” to enrich uranium.

It was a deal without a treaty and Republicans didn’t approve.

In 2018, Donald Trump tossed Obama’s mess of a deal. Biden’s now attempting the same mindless deal, only it’s even worse. It allows Tehran unrestricted uranium enrichment in five years.

Biden will keep all the defects of the deal while dropping sanctions.

Khamenei doesn’t even want the deal.

Biden will do anything for a deal that makes matters worse. He will continue to ignore the uprising of the youth in Iran who want to be free. Biden isn’t looking for Iranian liberty any more than Obama. There is no higher purpose. Neither came up with a plan to stop the bomb, while ignoring the violations of human rights.

The terrorist regime is killing these young people:

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5 months ago

The idiot college professors have already brain washed them here.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 months ago

There are those that STILL give the filthy msm credence…

5 months ago

So when is Gen-Z in America going to wake up, Burn the Colleges to the Ground and Revolt against the Government that is destroying their future?

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
5 months ago

The malignant narcissist filth in the white has a very long reputation of not caring about anyone or anything, unless any individual(s), entities, or policies can make him some money and for his crack-smoking vulgar family.

Mike D
Mike D
5 months ago

You need to proofread your work, Harrison Pendleton. At first reading, your statement sounds like you’re racist against whites. Then I realized you meant to say “white house” instead of just “white.”