Democrats Muddy Tax-Exempt Charities to Register New Voters


A recent New York Times article this week proved once again that Democrats are illicitly using tax-exempt charities to stack up Democrat voters. They pursue specific types of people and push partisan registration as a non-profit charity.

The Times article is only about Democrats. Republicans aren’t doing it and would never get away with it. Democrats would send the IRS after them.

Kimberly Strassel explains the problem in an article at the WSJ.

The Times quoted Nsé Ufot, head of the New Georgia Project, which the Times credits with helping “turn Georgia into a blue state” by “registering tens of thousands of voters of color.” Ufot was distressed that George Soros’s organizations were giving less.

New Georgia Project is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.

The New Georgia Project, which Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock once chaired, is facing an investigation over allegations that the organization was involved in illegal voter registration conduct.

Republicans are banned from any such activity. Who can forget Lois Lerner’s targeting of conservative and religious groups for allegedly getting political through charity.


The left has been growing this “philanthropy” racket for decades, and as a seven-page internal 2019 memoleaked in 2020, reveals. It is a huge operation, explains Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal.

The memo was from Mind the Gap, a liberal super PAC that pushes donors to give to Democratic campaigns and nonprofits.

Strassel says, among the groups the memo recommends is the Voter Participation Center, which says it’s creating “a new American majority” by targeting “young people, people of color, and unmarried women” for registration.

In 2018, the most recent year for which IRS records are available, it spent 64% of its vendor money on two groups that specialize in microtargeting reliable Democratic votes: Pivot Group ($10.5 million), which says it is “committed to electing Democrats up and down the ballot,” and Mission Control ($3.9 million), which calls itself “the most successful direct mail firm working in Democratic politics today.”

In other words, they’re using charities to micro-target and register only the type of people they want.


Liberal writer Sasha Issenberg made all this clear in a 2012 book, “The Victory Lab.” Liberal foundations and charities have engaged in this scam for ages. The author describes the Carnegie Foundation’s registration drives as “a backdoor approach to ginning up Democratic votes outside the campaign finance laws.”

It’s a big win for Soros. He can call himself a philanthropist, and avoid taxes. All the while, the real purpose is to build up the Democrat base.

Congress is about to pass an act to deal with dark money. The new Disclose Act aims at revealing the donors names in dark money groups. It would not address this issue.

America’s charitable giving laws have been an enormous force for good. But Democrats are cynically abusing the system for partisan gain. It’s a voter registration racket.

Congress needs to address it, but probably won’t while Democrats continue to grow voter scams.

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4 months ago

All voting and voting related matters MUST be controlled by the States as per the Constitution. The Federal Government and especially the IRS should have nothing to do with anything related to voting. NO Business should be tax exempt, except for a Church which isn’t really a business anyway!

If you want to live in a Democrat Hell Hole that is the voters of that State’s Choice. A State should have total control over voting including where the money comes from to influence elections in their State. In other words, a State should be able to ban ALL out of State Money! The New Georgia Project is nothing more than ACORN under a different name.

When it comes to selection the President there is the Electoral College and those members selected to the College should be free to choose the President regardless of the Popular Vote. We are where we are at today because people ignore the original intent of the Constitution which was to never allow the Federal Government to be as powerful as it is today! Presidents were never supposed to have Mandates, they are MANAGERS who run day to day operations and enforce the Laws of Congress.

Congress is about to pass an act to deal with dark money. Congress should not be dealing with this issue, the States should. States should be requiring the disclosure of all money related to elections and prosecuting anyone who does not make a disclosure for Bribery.

Last edited 4 months ago by GuvGeek
John Vieira
4 months ago

The ‘fox’ is well entrenched in the chicken coop…the chickens ARE Shmoos…