Biden Is Admitting Another 85,000 Afghan Refugees via Ukraine Aid Bill


Biden Is Admitting Another 85,000 Afghan Refugees

via the Ukraine Aid Bill

Joe Biden has destroyed the United States in under two years of office. He has caused tremendous suffering economically. Crime is rising, and drugs coming across our borders killed more than 100,000 people in a year.

Biden and his Bidenistas plan to spend 33 billion dollars in only six months on Ukraine. Buried in the aid package is a bid to provide 85,000 green cards and an expedited path to citizenship for Afghan refugees. Will they be vetted? We know the vetting won’t be done well and then they will lie about it.

This comes as Title 42 is about to expire. The DHS plans to let anyone and everyone pour in. They estimate up to 18,000 a day, 540,000 a month.

After his disastrous handling of his surrender in Afghanistan, he also wants to resettle 100,000 Ukrainians. Refugees get citizenship quickly. Biden’s going for the permanent electoral majority.

Bidenistas are flooding our country with thousands of unvetted immigrants while spending trillions of tax dollars, billions for immigration.

Call you representatives and tell them to do something immediately.

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3 months ago

We’re importing even more 9th century barbarians? I’d rather have a rabid skunk in my house than one of there.

3 months ago

fuck joe biden and this crap site