Mayorkas’s Response to the Vetting of Afghans Is a Lie


A source within the Federal Government has come forward to Project Veritas revealing that suspected and known terrorists are roaming freely in the United States following the Biden administration’s exit strategy in Afghanistan, and subsequent initiatives launched by the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] to shelter fleeing refugees, known as Operation Allies Welcome.

They are PAROLED in the United States and have work visas.

Prior to this revelation, Rep. Tom Tiffany had grilled an obviously dishonest Alejandro Mayorkas. While Mayorkas falsely claimed every Afghan is thoroughly vetted, Mr. Tiffany exposed his lies.


In the clip below, Tom Tiffany hit on the issue of vetting during an April 28th hearing. DHS Secretary Mayorkas responded in general terms and clearly lied. As usual, Mayorkas didn’t have statistics with him.

At one point, Mayorkas admitted that an Afghan who brutally raped a female soldier is still in the country. He won’t even deport rapists or Afghans who beat a female soldier “to a pulp” at Fort Bliss.

The Vetting

The Republican Representative from Wisconsin began by asking Mayorkas if every Afghan was vetted. Mayorkas said they were thoroughly vetted. Tiffany then listed Afghan criminals who had been deported and came back on the rescue flights. These people were paroled in the United States. Parole is only meant as temporary relief from deportation but this administration is using it to allow them to stay indefinitely.

This administration is fine with filling the country up with some really bad people.

Tiffany read a CNN document that showed people came without any paperwork – the idea being to get as many people on the flight as you can.

Mayorkas lied and said they were vetted in third countries. However, Tiffany had the evidence that they were still being vetted in Ft. McCoy and had already been paroled.

The Inspector General had reported that 50 security threats were released into the country and the administration has absolutely no idea where most of them are. Tiffany wanted to know if they were vetted. Mayorkas tried to hedge, only saying they were screened and vetted. He refused to answer if they went through the full process.

Watch, it will make your blood boil:

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1 year ago

The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers think they have a Wild Card in declaring Martial Law under a veil of Civil Unrest and like the Covid Hoax using that to stuff Ballot claim an election victory. Why would you lets Terrorist and Invaders into the Country if this is not your plan?