Biden Is Breaking the Law Not Funding Israel – It’s Impeachable.


Someone has to explain to me why destroying the economy, flooding our borders to turn the nation into a one-party nation, and lying non-stop doesn’t move our political leaders. However, finally, something moved them. Biden stopping promised weapons to Israel, an ally, during a war moves them.

Donald Trump was impeached because he wanted an investigation into Biden’s actions in Ukraine and hadn’t released the aid to Ukraine. However, the deadline to release aid hadn’t passed, and it was nowhere near certain he would hold back the aid. Biden’s actions are far more serious.


Biden has admitted he is holding up funds Congress approved for Israel. It’s illegal. If it’s illegal for Donald Trump, it’s illegal for Biden.

Biden legally has to spend the money Congress appropriated for Congress. Biden is doing it to get votes from radicals in Dearborn for political reasons.

During his interview with Erin Burnett, Biden admitted he’s holding it up to keep Israel from going into Rafah.

I don’t agree with Erick Erickson on many of his statements, but he does point out in the clip below that it’s illegal.

What I don’t understand is why an invasion on our border is not impeachable. There is little vetting. and criminals and terrorists are getting in. This will also cost the American people a lot of money, and they didn’t vote for this.

It took Israel. Biden needs to be stopped. But where are they when it comes to America?

That said, Biden is breaking the law and doing whatever he wants. He’s an authoritarian and a serious threat to democracy. That also goes for his Obama and Soros advisers.

In this clip, Erickson added that the Israel situation is costing Biden votes.

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