NY Gun Bill Could Ban All or Most Semi-Automatic Pistols


Yesterday, anti-gun New York legislators introduced a bill designed to COMPLETELY ban the sale of Glock handguns and other semi-automatic pistols. They are targeting a major manufacturer with S9225, but it’s worse than that. According to United Liberty, it likely bans most semi-automatic pistols.

The bill bans pistol converters and convertible pistols.

The bill claims they picked Glock because it can take a pistol converter and be turned into a machine gun. Machine guns are already illegal, so they are covered.

United Liberty pointed to the potential loopholes that could affect all semi-automatics. They believe any convertible pistol is open to interpretation and covers many pistols.

The language is too open to interpretation, and reads: Any person who transports or ships any rapid-fire modification device is guilty of a class E felony.

United Liberty notes that private citizens face stringent restrictions, but government workers and contractors don’t.

Additionally, there is no grandfather clause.

Read S9225 here

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