Biden Keeps Screaming At Us During His SOTU


During his State of the Union, Biden screamed off and on, allegedly to show how hale and hearty he is. What a clown world Democrats gave us.

He laughably bragged about inflation when he has all but destroyed the economy.  Democrats are making fools of themselves with constant standing ovations and hooting and hollering over every lie and every slurring of the words.

They clapped and chanted, “Four more years.”

Biden claimed the unions built the middle class because he is trying to win back the working men and women he has abandoned for three years.

Biden pretended he supports Israel as he insists the only solution is a two-state solution.

At one point, he threatened the Supreme Court Justices.

Here he is lying about the 2020 election and J6.

The horrible president is pretending he’s not responsible for the border. This is crazy! He went after guns again and said Kamala is in charge of the gun office – does Kamala know? Biden gave a communist speech.

Brandon took us back to segregation and the KKK and didn’t bother to mention he became a senator with the help of the Dixiecrats.

Brandon said America is safer than ever as the Gov. of New York sends military to protect the subways.

He threatened SCOTUS over abortion while struggling to read the teleprompter.

He called Laken Riley with Lincoln Riley.

He’s going to fly with us to Moscow.

Biden is a mean, old demagogue with no new ideas and a hellish hatred of his political opponents.

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