Col. Macgregor on Arming People Who Invade Our Country


Tucker reminds us that one reason Rome failed was because they used mercenaries from other countries in their armies, and they turned against them.

He said putting massive numbers of illegal aliens in our military is the worst idea yet.

Rep. Pat Ryan (D-NY) said,There is no higher honor than serving your country in uniform.” With that, he introduced the Courage to Serve Act, a bill that would offer qualified and vetted migrants an expedited path to citizenship if they serve in the military.

“If there are folks with the courage to raise their right hand, take an oath to protect and defend our Constitution, and put their lives on the line for this country, then they sure as hell deserve the opportunity to be citizens in the United States of America,” Ryan said.

Tucker doesn’t think much of Ryan and his sense of “honor.”

“Pat Ryan lecturing on us what it means to be an American as if he would know,” Tucker said. “But consider this for a second. The military can’t meet its recruiting goals. Now, who forms the basis of our fighting forces? Well, sorry to say it, but white men always have. So, the U.S. military has been attacking white men by name. We’re against you, white men. And so it turns out lots of white men don’t want to join the military anymore. Who could have predicted that?”

He asked Col. Macgregor about it.

Col. Macgregor said Americans aren’t volunteering because they don’t see how we’re defending America in faraway lands, and we’re not building a democracy.

“You know what? I listened to the comments coming out of the Senate or the House,” Col. Macgregor said. “let alone the White House. I‘m sometimes reminded of that famous statement in Vietnam, in order to save the village, we had to destroy it. I get the impression that’s the plan in Washington. We have to destroy the country in order to save it.

“At least, I guess from the standpoint of everybody in Washington, whatever happened before they arrived was wrong. And the brave new world must be built in the future on the ruins of the past. And they’re doing a pretty good job of trying to make that work. The military is a good example of it. And military institutions take decades to build. They’re resilient in most cases because of the human capital that replenishes them on a routine basis. We’re having problems recruiting for a very simple reason.

“People that have been through this over the last 20, 30 years have said, what are we doing? What’s the point of being in the military? We go to these places. They look around in Iraq, or they look around in Afghanistan, and they say, there’s nothing here. What am I doing here? Oh, well, you’re building democracy. And people burst out laughing. It’s nonsense.

“Of course, it’s nonsense. How is this defending America? And I think that’s a huge part of the problem. If you were to ask 100,000 men, white, black or otherwise, who call themselves Americans, what are you ready to do? They’re ready to defend the United States, but they don’t see much evidence that we’re defending the United States.

If anything, we’ve walked away from that. In favor of what? Defending Ukraine or defending parts of the Middle East? This is not what we signed up for. And I think that’s that’s a huge issue as well.”

Tucker asked if we should be nervous about arming foreigners.

Macgregor said, “Well, if you were playing for the Eagles and suddenly you were fired, and the manager of the Eagles decided to hire the third string team that works in Dallas, Texas, for the Dallas Cowboys. Then you went into the game and were just discovered that the third stringers from the Dallas Cowboys are helping the Dallas Cowboys win. You’d be pretty upset. Well, that’s effectively what these people are deciding to do.”

None of these people are Americans. We know from having interviewed that they have no aspiration to be Americans. What they aspire to is to get into the consumption machine, get the ticket of entry, the free check, the free phone, the free transportation tickets, the free food, the free medical care, the free this, the free that. That’s why they’re coming. And people say, well, they deserve this. No, they don’t. They haven’t worked for any of it.

“In the meantime, what do you get? What do Americans get? You know, we have a force right now that can’t defend anything anywhere overseas very successfully. Look at the failed military operations we’ve had for over 20 years.”

And look at the border. No one brings it up. No one’s even trying. No one seems to care. You know, I think the largest problem is that Washington is this ideological bubble. And everyone decides that anyone who doesn’t agree with them, that the world has to be refashioned in some new image that exists only in their minds, and that anybody who disagrees with them is by definition a criminal and has to be treated as such. What better solution than finding people who have no connection to the American people, arming them, and then sending them out to oppress us? Sounds like a great solution.”

“…you’re talking about the ruination of the entire military establishment. You’re starting with the most important institution. And I say this not because of parochial reasons, but because the regular army is the final line of defense inside the United States for the American people and the state. So you’re setting the conditions for its total destruction.”

He said these people are “denationalizing” us. He noted that the foreigners coming in don’t like the food they give us, the five-star hotels aren’t good enough, they commit crimes and are released right away.

This battle is winnable, but the donors are making the decisions, not the people.

So the problem is not do we have Americans who care? Of course, we do. We have millions of them. We’re not alone. But we’re not in power. Tucker. That’s the problem,” Macgregor said.

Emphasis added.

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