Biden Laughs As the Administration Works with Mexico to Flood the Border


Joe Biden is enjoying a short stay at his Delaware vacation home as people die, and drugs, sex traffickers, and terrorists pour into the country. And there is a constant stream of military age Chinese Nationals bused in from the Darien Gap. Most of the border is now under operational control of the cartels. All this as Biden mocks us. Asked about the border, he joked.  It’s all fun for him.


According to numerous reports, the U.S. Border Patrol has reportedly partnered with Mexican immigration officials to facilitate the orderly migration of illegal immigrants into the U.S.

Border agents are communicating with someone on the Mexican side using encrypted messaging platforms. The goal is to control the flow for obvious reasons. This morning, the media reports all falsely claimed the flow of immigrants is down 50%.

The administration also wants to make it seem as if they are coming legally.

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice show Law and Border, has been investigating the cause and effects of the massive human migration into the United States. It is intentional, and it is meant to destroy the United States. They are making way for a Marxist rule.

“It’s all a lie! They’re not stopping illegal immigration. They’re just changing the definition!” Bergquam reported, reposting a tweet by reporter Todd Bensman, with more details on the situation:

They are getting release papers.


The U.S. officials have set up the “controlled-flow” system. This keesp Border Patrol processing centers from being overwhelmed, Mexican law enforcement told the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). It also looks much better.

Abbott’s office said the coordination between DHS and Mexican law enforcement lays out a “welcome mat” for illegal immigrants.

“President Biden is actively undermining his own Border Patrol and refusing to allow them to act as law enforcement to secure our border,” Abbott spokesman Andrew Mahaleris told The Daily Wire in a statement.

“While Texas is taking unprecedented action to respond to this crisis, President Biden is laying out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants by embracing even more open border policies like these and facilitating this record-level of illegal immigration rather than deterring and repelling.”

On Wednesday, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz authorized the mass parole of migrants in sectors overrun with migrants attempting to apply for asylum. Parolees are released into the U.S. interior without a court date or tracking device. They are directed to report on their own recognizance to an immigration official in the weeks after their release.

Biden’s administration is working with coyotes. They’re taking this country down.

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