WaPo Interview: Zelensky Cancels Elections


According to The Washington Post, Ukrane’s President Zelensky, who allegedly carries the banner for worldwide democracy, is canceling elections. During the interview, he also demanded to know a reporter’s source. 

Ukrainian President Zelensky accused The Washington Post of helping Russia when a Post reporter asked him about the Pentagon leaks.

Helping Russia? The man is paranoid.

The interview was conducted on May 1st and published on Saturday.

The Post reporter asked Zelensky to comment about documents they obtained that showed members of Ukraine’s leading intelligence service, known as the HUR, had back-channel contact with the head of the Wagner group – Prigozhin. The Wagner group is the Russian mercenary force.

Zelensky became angry, called it treason, and demanded the reporter tell him where he got the information, thinking the reporter got it from a Ukrainian. The Post reporter explained he got it from the Discord leaks out of the Pentagon.

The man who is going to save democracy is clueless on freedom of the press.

The US was spying on Ukraine, and that’s how they learned about it.

The Washington Post deleted that entire exchange, but the transcript is available online.

Another revelation in this Washington Post piece is that there will be no parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Zelensky admits he’s getting rid of the elections in the interview. He claims the constitution prohibits any elections during martial law.  After the end of martial law, Zelensky thinks they will hold elections.

This is the man saving democracy for the world. He doesn’t respect freedom of the press or democratic elections.

Watch from 55:00 – c. 1:00:

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Babette Grunow
Babette Grunow
5 months ago

Zelensky is so concerned for democracy and press freedom that he imprisons journalists who report critically about his government and the war. American journalist and online commentator Gonzalo Lira was arrested about a month and a half ago in the middle of the night. He remains in prison today. Has Biden or any American politician spoken up to demand that Zelensky respect press freedom? No. How many in the press have done so? Very few.

Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
6 months ago

He’s a globalist puppet. It pisses me off thinking about the billions the DC war pigs keep giving him.

6 months ago

Gee! Is anyone surprised?