Biden Legitimizes Two Terrorist Groups


The Biden administration shouldn’t be negotiating with terrorists, but that’s Joe. For some reason, this administration feels the need to legitimize Hamas and give more land to a violent terrorist group or the terrorist group that funds terrorists.

According to The Times of Israel, the Biden administration allegedly wants to leave a weakened Hamas in place in Gaza after the war concludes. The White House plans for the Palestinian Authority to be the main governing body of Gaza, with Hamas being a political minority that retains elements of power within the strip.

When Hamas won the election to control Gaza in 2007, it killed the remaining Fatah (Palestinian Authority) members after taking office.

They’re terrorists. This is what terrorists do.

Instead of providing the Israelis with total US intelligence on Hamas, it now appears the Biden administration has withheld vital information in addition to withholding military aid.

They allegedly know of Hamas tunnels in Rafah and won’t release the information to Israel. Critics say they’ll cause more deaths.

Always wrong Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, insisted on Monday there must be a “political” solution to end the war sparked by Hamas on October 7. It’s hard to believe they think this will work.

“Military pressure is necessary but not sufficient to fully defeat Hamas. If Israel’s military efforts are not accompanied by a political plan for the future of Gaza and the Palestinian people, the terrorists will keep coming back, and Israel will remain under threat,” Jake Sullivan said.

Biden’s reworking the Middle East while denigrating our ally. He’s completely incompetent.

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