FCC Will Force Gender & Race Agenda on TV & Radio Stations


The FCC announced that it would collect “[d]ata concerning the gender, race, and ethnicity of a broadcast station’s workforce” and make the submissions from each television and radio station publicly available.

The FCC is very vague about why it wants this data. They claim they don’t want to determine whether the licensee or permittee is complying with nondiscrimination or equal employment opportunity requirements.

We know why.

They plan to put pressure on broadcasters to institute discriminatory employment practices.

This is going to lead to DEI. There is no need for them to have this information. The government is gradually taking over the rights of businesses. The administration is overreaching and centralizing everything.

AFL Filed the Petition

America First Legal filed a petition for review at the US Court of Appeals on behalf of the National Religious Broadcasters and American Family Association.

As Commissioner Brendan Carr explained, the FCC is caving “to the demands of activist groups that have worked for years and across different industries” and that what this means is “the FCC will now post a race and gender scorecard for each and every TV and radio broadcast station in the country…This is no benign disclosure regime.

The FCC plans to publish the data so businesses are targeted and pressured based on race and gender. It’s very un-American.

Stephen Miller writes: This egregious decision is just another example of the Biden Administration’s overarching agenda to divide Americans based on their race, ethnicity, and sex rather than unite them as Americans.

As Chief Justice Roberts has observed, “[t]he way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” Collecting and publicizing statistics about race, ethnicity, and sex to pressure stations to favor certain groups over others only strengthens the forces of disunity and bigotry in our country, Miller wrote.

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