King Charles III’s Portrait Looks Like He’s Enveloped in Hellfire


Clown World just got the perfect painting. Jonathan Yeo’s oil-on-canvas portrait of King Charles III depicts the King in Hell wearing the uniform of the Welsh Guards, of which he was a Regimental Colonel. It is indescribable.

Maybe the artist got carried away with his creative bent, such as it is. The King looks like he is enveloped in hellfire. Some say he looks like he’s smeared in blood. Given that he has a terminal illness, something more joyful or formal would have been better, I would think.

This is how the NY Times sees it:

King Charles III on Tuesday unveiled the first officially painted portrait of himself since his coronation just over a year ago — a striking oil painting in which he stares head-on against a backdrop of mottled red, pink, and fuchsia hues.

The painting, by the renowned portrait artist Jonathan Yeo, was unveiled at Buckingham Palace, the royal family said on social mediaVideo showed the king tugging at a ribbon attached to fabric covering the towering work, which, as it dropped, appeared to give him a small surprise.

Mr. Yeo, who has painted the likes of David Attenborough, Idris Elba and the activist Malala Yousafzai, began the portrait in June 2021, when the king was still the Prince of Wales. It depicts him wearing the uniform of the Welsh Guards, of which he was a Regimental Colonel, with a butterfly hovering over his shoulder.


Queen Camilla’s reaction to the painting’s unveiling was, “Yes, you’ve got him.”

Really? Yeo got him? King Charles could pass for a demon.

What’s with the butterfly in it? Can anyone tell me?

The reactions weren’t positive on this side of the Pond:

People are seeing scary faces in it.

Okay, that was fun.

I feel sorry for the King. He needs to burn that portrait. I think the artist was possessed when he painted it. That’s no way to remember anyone.

If you think I’m way off base, feel free to critique. I can take it. I just can’t take that painting.

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