Biden Lies, Says He Was in Israel During 6-Day War


During a menorah lighting on Wednesday, Biden told guests in the East Room that he had known every Israeli prime minister since Golda Meir, who served as the country’s fourth head of government.

“I have known every — every prime minister well since Golda Meir, including Golda Meir,” Biden said. “And during the Six-Day War, I had an opportunity to — she invited me to come over because I was going to be the liaison between she and the Egyptians about the Suez.

“And I sat in front of her desk,” he continued. “And she had a guy — her staff member — to my right. His name was Rabin. And she kept flipping those maps up and down. She had that bevy of maps — sort of kept it — and it was — it was so depressing what she was — about what happened. She gave me every detail.”

Yeah, no, that didn’t happen.

Meir wasn’t elected prime minister until 1969 — two years after the short conflict in which Israel defeated a surprise attack from an Arab coalition of Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

Biden was probably partially remembering his 1973 meeting with Meir. That’s when he made his first trip to Israel as a 30-year-old senator from Delaware. It was before the Yom Kippur War broke our on October 6. It was Egypt and Syria at that time.

And the meeting didn’t go the way he said it went.

During their talks, Biden told Meir that Israel’s capture of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during the 1967 war amounted to “creeping annexation.”

Biden said in the meeting that because he believed Israel was militarily dominant, it could make the first move for peace by withdrawing from areas that held no strategic importance, the Times of Israel reported, citing Channel 13.

Meir rejected Biden’s appeal and gave him a speech about the region and its problems, the paper reported. The unnamed Israeli official said Biden had demonstrated respect toward the Israeli leader, but “displayed a fervor and made comments that signaled his lack of diplomatic experience,” The Times reported.

We understand he’s losing his mind, but he always told these tales. This is who he was and is.

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