Biden: look beyond mass firings to how great mandates are economically


Joe Biden spoke at the Clayco Construction site in Elk Grove Village in Chicago today after taking a tour of the facility. (Four video clips). Biden seemed confused about where he was but corrected himself oddly.

He made his usual linguistic flubs: “The Ohio Pennsylvania, the Ohio Pennsylvania, I’m from Pennsylvania,” Biden said, pointing to himself. Then he said he was “The Illinois president.”

Good, they can have him.

He is obviously happy about firing thousands of people, although he’s just reading the message off a teleprompter and might not know what he’s saying.

“When you see headlines and reports of mass firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story,” Biden said heartlessly.

He rattled off quotes from suck-ups claiming mandates are the “most powerful economic stimulus” ever.

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2 years ago

Traitor Joe’s people need to start looking at employment numbers.

Tiger Stripe Dermis
Tiger Stripe Dermis
2 years ago

The glorious people’s republic of Illinois, another written off boycott zone, I’ll coast through on fumes in the breakdown lane just to avoid spending any money on gas.
No room for commie, no compromise with the comrades of evil.
Still laughing at their construction zones during the Chicago Jesus reign of error that would take months to complete with a sign every twenty feet about the American Recovery act or some other PR faculty lounge horsesh1t.

People laugh and say China/Russia/Iran are all paper tigers who won’t be doing anything under the Obidet debacle, I doubt it but they will sit back and laugh as the CPUSA does tremendous damage.