Biden Looks to a Third Terrorist Nation to Supply Us with Oil


Biden shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline his first day on the job, stopped the drilling on federal lands, told investors to steer clear of fossil fuels, and passed endless onerous regulations on our energy sector. He spent wildly and wants to continue spending.

Even as Ukraine is being destroyed by Putin and inflation soars, Biden will not open up US energy and allow the US to become energy independent again.

He is paying $75 million in tax dollars per day to Russia for their dirty oil, and is making a deal with the terrorist nation of Iran to buy their dirty oil, but it gets worse.

Fox News reported Sunday that “several senior Biden administration officials from the White House and State Department traveled to Venezuela on Saturday to meet with the Russian ally as Moscow destroys one of our quasi-allies.

The U.S. was one of Venezuela’s biggest customers for oil, but Donald Trump sanctioned the exports over Venezuela’s tyrannical behavior and election fraud.

Biden, one of the most corrupt presidents in US history, has no problem with that. He also has no problem with the fact that Venezuela’s oil is also dirty while pretending this is about climate change.

We will pay a premium price while enriching a communist nation that torments its citizens. That’s okay with Democrats who want fossil fuels to be very expensive to make extremely expensive and ineffective alternative energy look more attractive.

Oh, and Venezuela is now a narcoterrorist state and his government is filled with drug dealers.

This is a sham. We should be relying on developing our own energy sector with a 50-year plan for alternative energy if that makes sense.

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