PBS Interviewed Ukrainian Mayor and Covered up His Neo-Nazi Ties


The US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) published and promoted an interview with a renowned Neo-Nazi Ukrainian mayor. According to The National Pulse, they did not reveal the politician’s allegiances to Adolf Hitler and Ukrainian Nazi sympathizer Stepan Bandera.’

Prior to this, they downplayed the links between Neo-Nazi politicians and the current situation. They minimized Putin’s complaints about Nazis in Ukraine and his desire to de-nazify the region.

They wrote in an analysis of Putin’s claims that “the victims of the genocide claimed by Putin are Russian speakers; the Nazis he referenced are the elected representatives of the Ukrainian people.”

That’s true but they still appear to be Nazis.

On Thursday, March 4th, PBS hosted Mayor Artem Semenikhin of Konotop in the country’s North East. the network blurred out a photo of Bandera behind him.

In 2015 the Jerusalem Post reported he’s a big Hitler supporter.

Ukraine regularly votes against Israel in the UN and has a large Islamic population. They’re not really a democracy as we think of it, despite what Democrats claim.

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