Biden Might Mandate a National Climate Emergency & Green New Deal


Since Joe Manchin will not go along with Biden’s radical climate plan, his administration is discussing the possibility of him declaring a national climate emergency and implementing the plan anyway.

The Washington Post reports, “The prospect of a national climate emergency, in particular, has come up in conversations among top administration officials, climate activists and Democratic lawmakers, some of whom expect Biden to outline other policy initiatives Wednesday aimed at curbing planet-warming emissions.”…

“Biden is not expected to make the declaration Wednesday, when he is to travel to Somerset, Mass., to deliver a major climate speech, according to three people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private deliberations. But he is still weighing whether to invoke presidential emergency powers, which could aid his administration’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and foster cleaner energy,” The Washington Post reports.

Last week, Biden talked about using executive action to force through his inflationary climate plan that will cost s fortune.

If Democrats don’t get their way, they abuse their power.

Director of CEI’s Center for Energy Environment Myron Ebell said:

“President Biden’s use of the Defense Production Act to declare a ‘national climate emergency’ would be a gross abuse of power.  Congress designed the DPA to give the president the tools to address production bottlenecks and shortages that threaten our national security and emphatically not to allow the president to commandeer the economy to pursue his long-term policy priorities.  If President Biden wants to take drastic climate action, he must ask Congress to enact legislation.  Using the DPA to seize control of key parts of the energy sector would almost certainly have destructive effects on energy production and further raise prices.  If you like what President Biden’s policies have already done to increase gas and diesel prices and electric rates, you’ll love his ‘national climate emergency.’”

Is it even constitutional? He’s operating like a dictator. The Left pretends he’s under pressure from other Democrats, but he’ll do anything he’s told.

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