Biden, MSM Lie About Trump and the Unified Third Reich


The media is still reporting the new Charleston lie – Trump wants a unified Third Reich. Charleston was a complete fraud; the media and the White House knew but kept repeating it. This seems to be the same thing. The dishonesty is jaw-dropping.

Fake News MSNBC:
Fake News MSNBC:

CNN:, Also Fake News

The Truth

What they are not telling you is this. Some anonymous Trump supporter(s) purchased a background video –  a wallpaper template – on which to make a Trump ad. It was this ad they were referencing. It was not a campaign ad.

You buy these background videos and then put your own photos and voice over them. It makes them look more professional. The background video had faint photos of vintage newspaper articles. You can buy other backgrounds. The one in question used vintage and antique newspaper headlines. They flash by in the background. One of the newspaper headlines that shot by was “German Industrial Strength Significantly Increased Driven By The Creation Of A Unified Reich.” The article was from fifty years before the Nazis and had nothing to do with the Third Reich.

Donald Trump retweeted it from the courtroom.

As Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt says in the clip below, anyone in the media would know what a total fraud this story is.

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