Biden Needs a War with Russia


Joe Biden, his handlers, and RINOs seem to want a war over Ukraine. Hopefully, that effort will fail. RINO Erick Erickson said that we need to stop an invasion of Ukraine since Putin won’t stop with Ukraine. At the same time, Erickson doesn’t seem to care that Biden won’t stop the invasion of the US border. He also forgets to mention that a war with Russia could lead to a more expansive takeover as well. Russia is aligned with China and they will join forces. China wants Taiwan.

Joe Biden is fueling war and sent a naive incompetent to handle the diplomacy. Ironically, Ukraine’s President sees Biden as escalating the situation prematurely and unnecessarily.

A war with Russia is very dangerous and Russian President Putin is aware of that as well. Putin is developing a close military relationship with China and China is the real threat.


Biden’s presidency has failed. Inflation is sky-high, our borders are open, there is a supply chain problem, our source of energy is being destroyed, the world mocks us, Afghanistan was a horrendous disaster, and everything Biden does produces negative results.

And now, COVID won’t provide the necessary distraction.

The truth is now coming out about the vaccines and the treatments that have been ignored. The Left can’t exploit COVID too much longer. They need a distraction. Obviously, this is the cynical view. You may see it differently.

The Left in the United States, and in other countries of the Western World, are currently setting up a global technocracy guided by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The Billionaires club of the WEF wants to Build Back Better with the middle class owning nothing.

Presently, we see an authoritarian system of control developing where large corporations and the federal government have joined forces to set up a medical bureaucracy in which everyone must have a vaccine passport. It is a system where everyone can be tracked.

Mussolini described fascism as corporations and government joining forces.

The pandemic has been exploited to transform the USA and other Western nations. It’s a crisis that the Left will not let go to waste.

The billionaire kooks of the WEF and their ideology of a Great Reset have gone mainstream with the idea of a One World government run by them and the UN.

It would of necessity be the end of the middle class. It’s a feudalistic system.

You will own nothing, including what goes into your body.


People are beginning to stand up to the exploitation and abuses being used to control the masses. Now, Biden could benefit from the distraction of a war or a close call. His team needs another crisis but a war with Russia is a fool’s game.

If Biden gets the US into war, it could easily escalate with China taking over Taiwan. Iran is also about ready to bomb Israel. There is no way the US can win a war like this, especially with Biden as the Commander-in-Chief, and Generals Milley, MacKenzie, and Austin in charge. It’s absurd to think we’d have a prayer after Afghanistan. We have great fighters but not leaders.

Russia, China, the US are all nuclear and Iran is weeks away. We need to keep that in mind.

There is a risk of a Third World War.

We cannot allow this failed administration to put us at their mercy in a battle with foreign superpowers.

Writing at American Thinker yesterday, James Mullin also sees a war of diversion as a possibility. He reminds us we face danger with Venezuela as well, [where Russia has a presence]. Mullin concludes:

Nothing catalyzes governmental, economic, and social change in a country quite like military defeat.  So an urgent message to those still with a shred of patriotism in our leadership: You do not want to go to war under the banner — or at the direction — of this repugnant administration.

We are a free people! We must remain free!
Don’t forget, Ukraine (and China) is very important to the Biden family personally.  This administration is corrupt.

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1 year ago

Nuland was on the ground giving support at the time, but this has been left out in Western reports.

1 year ago

Nuland has more blood on her hands.

While the Administration attempts to give cover. What? Part of diplomacy is overthrowing foreign leaders?

No War In The Fight Room
No War In The Fight Room
1 year ago

The never let a crisis go to waste threat is real but they were already moving quickly.
You can get away with great leaps forward and other sweeping societal changes during war time.
A sinking ship or planes falling from the sky could be bad optics for president Emhoff.

Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
1 year ago

“The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” — Ernest Hemingway

1 year ago

One thing that is really irritating about Ukraine is the reference to Russian separatists in Donbass. They are certainly not separatists. After Nuland was involved in propping up Poroshenko, he went on media saying how he wanted to take away pensions, education, medical care etc. from the ethnic Russians in Donbass. At the time Kiev would “appoint” puppets, aka “governors” over the areas. The ethnic Russians of Donbass demonstrated for a republic type system, invoking the American example. That didn’t sit well with Kiev who sent in their neo-Nazi brigade. During a demonstration the protestors took refuge in a building, which was set on fire and the people inside were burnt to death. That essentially is when the war started and continues. The west were never privy to the images and videos of the atrocities on women and children committed by Kiev on the Donbass people.