Biden: No Lockdowns If You Get Vaxxed and Wear Masks


Our ruler, Joe Biden, says “no new lockdowns” if everyone wears a mask and gets vaccinated.

“If people are vaccinated and wear their mask, there’s no need for lockdown,” Biden said in response to a reporter’s questions about any impending societal shutdowns.

It sounds a lot like Australia.

He used his platform on Monday, with despotic Dr. Anthony Fauci in the background, to outline three objectives.

“First,” Biden said, “this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic.” Biden told everyone to get vaccinated, to get their kids vaccinated, and to also get a third shot of the vaccine in a booster shot.

“Second,” he said, “best protection, I know you’re tired of me saying this, the best protection against this variant or any of the variants out there, ones we’ve been dealing with already, is getting fully vaccinated and getting a booster shot.”

“Please wear your masks when you’re indoors in public settings around other people to protect you, to protect those around you,” he said. Biden said masking is still essential, though he was spotted not masking in an area where indoor masks are mandated, over the holiday weekend.

Also, no science supports masks or lockdowns, and vaccines are sketchy.

In answer to a question from a reporter on masking, he said “I encourage everyone to wear a mask when they’re indoors in a crowded circumstance like we are right now, and unless eating or speaking at a microphone.”

Biden said that his administration would be announcing “a detailed strategy to outline how we’re going to fight Covid this winter.” He emphasized that there would be no new lockdowns, but a push for “more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing, and more!”

Additionally, the US, Biden said, has a “moral obligation” to vaccinate the world.  That sounds expensive, but, hey, tell the FED to print more fake money.

Lockdowns are only off the table for now. Information about how mild Omicron is has gotten around, but there is the problem of getting mail-in ballots in place before November 2022.

As to Christmas, Biden said that “If you and your family are fully vaccinated, you can celebrate the holidays much more safely than where we were last year. That’s a blessing none of us should take for granted. We’re trying everything we can as far as tracking it from every single angel. That’s what we have to keep doing.”

Isn’t that nice of him?

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1 year ago

Pedophile Puddin-head is an idiot of monumental proportions.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tross
2 years ago

Senile little girl fondling said before that there would be no mask or vaccination mandates and no lock downs. And he expect us to believe him a second time. When pigs learn to fly.

2 years ago

I don’t take medical advice from politicians. This entire covid farce is a disgraceful power grab.

2 years ago

In a bulls butt I’ll wear that carbon dioxide entrapment face diaper again. If the 2 sots plus a booster isn’t going to protect those that had all three shots or those who didn’t get the shots put can be infected by some one who has been and vice versa. That’s not a vaccine but a 1/2 assed experiment. What’s the point do you actually have one or is this just another Dem Com hoax?
Just shut up Joe. Go back to your basement latrine you demented old fool and take Wuhan Fau-Chi with you,