Biden Offered New US Equipment to Cuba, Venezuela, etc If They Send Their Old Stuff to Ukraine


U.S. SouthCom Commander General Laura Richardson spoke to the Atlantic Council on January 19th. She explained that the Biden administration offered Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and six other Latin American nations U.S. military equipment if they’ll give old Russian weapons to Ukraine.

“If I talk to my number two, uh, adversary in the region, Russia, I mean I’ve got, of course, the countries Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua with Russia relationships. But, what I really look…and six other countries, by the way… so a total of nine have Russian equipment in them. And we’re working to replace that Russian equipment with United States equipment if those countries want to donate it to Ukraine or the cause that’s happening and be able to replace that with U.S. equipment,” Richardson explained.

It’s so stupid; where do you begin? Let me guess; she was promoted because she’s a woman. Who will pay for the new US equipment? We can’t even replenish our own supplies.

The US wants Latin America to turn against Russia. Meanwhile, they are not our friends.

She also blathered about our need for South America’s lithium.

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Dave Bruce
Dave Bruce
8 days ago

This is all about increasing defense contractor’s output and profits, which make their way back to Congress and ‘the Big Guy’. How stupid can people be not to see what is going on? The Ukraine is the biggest money laundering operation for the deep state that you can imagine. The Ukraine is the most corrupt Gub’mint in the
world. Wake up, stop the money hemorrhaging that is feeding our current administration to promote marxism.

9 days ago

This is said like it is common practice! Since when have we ever given military weapons to communist countries? In the past the Deepstate had to do it clandestinely or make it look like it was an accident like when they purposely left $88,000,000,000 worth of miitary weapons in Afghanistan!

9 days ago

How about we send the illegal aliens to Ukraine. Reinforcements.

9 days ago

So let’s give commie states our NEW equipment so they get a huge upgrade while pawning the commie junk off to Ukraine where this junk will do little good. Biden is an effing moron and I wish to God lightning would come down and strike him and Cameltoe dead dead dead.

9 days ago

Incidentally, we don’t know the lithium percentages exactly. It’s turning up in more and more locales. The EV is looking more and more like a colossal error anyway.