Zelensky Reveals His Globalist Agenda Yet Again


Ukraine’s Winston Churchill (or is he Mussolini?), Volodymyr Zelensky, addressed today’s Chamber of Commerce in Boca Raton, Florida, and guess who he thanked. Ukraine’s President thanked financial giants Blackrock, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Westinghouse, and others. He wants them to get him some Abrams tanks.

He is a true globalist, and his view of freedom stops at the gate when it means letting his Orthodox churchgoers go to church, his opponents speak their minds and allowing journalists to tell the truth.

He thinks war, government, and globalist corporations should act as one.

Certainly, everything he does backs the globalist agenda of the World Economic Forum and other globalist organizations working in tandem.

Zelensky has exposed his globalist agenda before. During the war, he said we must address climate change, and we need universal digital IDs. US tax dollars are currently paying for his bureaucrats to digitize everything. His playbook and that of the globalists have never been terribly well-hidden.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine war is a business opportunity.

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9 days ago

Michael Tracey is on The Roundtable Show discussing Ukraine. The Pro-Ukraine speakers consistently use only selected small bits of information and amplify those which completely distorts the reality of the situation. One item is Russia invaded for no reason, leaving out the attacks on the Donbass prior to the invasion, which was confirmed by OSCE in which there were over 2000 rocket / shell attacks on Donbass.

Sheila P
Sheila P
9 days ago

This man is sick and I don’t like him. He is a con artist and keeps begging off of our country. He don’t need Abram tanks. Biden is really pushing it and it is scary. We have enough unwanted illegals in our country.

9 days ago

No wonder Obama, Biden, CIA, Deep State, DC politicians installed him as President of Ukraine.