Biden OK’s Chopping Down of 4200 Joshua Trees for a Solar Farm


Biden signed an executive order to chop down 4,200 Joshua trees to install solar panels for a favored company, Aratina Solar Project. The funds for removing the trees will be placed in a mitigation bank, which is code for politicians’ pockets.

They’ve cut the once-protected trees before. This isn’t the first. They have a lot of them, about two million, and they are in the Joshua Tree National Park. The trees are unique, and they all have unique signatures.

Where are the environmentalists when you need them? They only come out of the woodwork when Republicans or energy companies want to do something that will help Americans.

Climate change concerns are a massive fraud.

Leslie Eastman, an environmental health and safety expert, wrote at Legal Insurrection:

I have offered post after post proving that the Earth’s climate has continually changed. Any temperature rise observed from reliable temperature stations is likely cyclic and part of the world’s warming after an intense period of glaciation.

I have noted repeatedly that carbon dioxide is a life-essential gas in trace amounts, and data shows it has no significant role in global warming.

I have highlighted that fossil fuels and nuclear energy are the only two current energy sources that support civilization. The rest of the sources are substantially less efficient and/or limited to specific regions.

Finally, between a wind project on the Osage reservation and geoengineering experiments in San Francisco Bay, I have shown how politically connected power companies and climate crisis promoters ignore the concerns of locals to move forward with their projects.

The Left claims the trees will be destroyed by climate change in the future so they are destroying them now. Makes sense to no one ever.

Wildlife depends on the trees. the Joshua Tree Park writes:

The Joshua tree is also capable of sprouting from roots and branches. Being able to reproduce vegetatively allows a much quicker recovery after damaging floods or fires, which may kill the main tree.

Many birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects depend on the Joshua tree for food and shelter. Keep your eyes open for the yellow and black flash of a Scott’s oriole busy making a nest in a yucca’s branches. At the base of rocks you may find a wood rat nest built with spiny yucca leaves for protection. As evening falls, the desert night lizard begins poking around under the log of a fallen Joshua tree in search of tasty insects.

The largest solar project in the US right now is in the Mojave Desert, where the Joshua trees are. I imagine chopping down these precious trees is only the beginning. There is money involved.

The tree annihilation is the Edwards & Sanborn project. It was developed by Terra-Gen and built by Mortenson, an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor. Construction started in the first quarter of 2021, and completion was announced last week.

The Mojave Dessert is a Biden-Harris project.

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