Trump’s Prosecutions Show NY Courts Are Too Dangerous


Eric Trump offered his perspective on his father’s criminal trial in Manhattan from his front-row seat, watching the 15 prosecutors. Fifteen prosecutors for a case with no crime and investigated without any predicate. A gag order on the defendant instead of the so-called witnesses. Conflicted witnesses, trial judge, prosecutors, and jurors.

“No one believes that on the eve of an election, a former President of the United States & the Current Frontrunner is being tried for 34 felonies (based on a bookkeeping entry booked by a person who never spoke with the President and sat in New York while he was in the Oval Office 240 miles away in Washington DC), for booking a legal invoice as a “Legal Expense” in a PERSONAL bank account general ledger nearly eight years ago. This is a show trial with the sole intent to embarrass and prevent the frontrunner’s ability to campaign.

“Perspective: Sitting front row attempting to figure out how any of this garbage from 20 years ago relates to “legal” bills submitted by a long-time personal attorney being booked as a “legal” expense — but I digress. To be clear, they don’t give a s**t about the merits of this case – the 15 Manhattan prosecutors are sitting at their table and behind in the courthouse pews, giddy by this salacious show. This is the intent, not the merits, nor the fact that this entire case is a massive extortion play.

Details on the Clown Show

Mike Davis discussed Stormy Daniel’s irrelevant testimony yesterday. Also, he noted that it’s hard to call it election interference since Donald Trump was already in the White House.

He also discussed Michael Cohen and why those who worked for Trump became so anti-Trump. Davis thinks these people have giant, fragile egos and TDS.

Mike Davis, of the Article III Project, does beleive the jury will find Donald Trump guilty. He said it is because it is so rigged. He gave a thorough explanation.


The host noted that the Court of Appeals in New York is the highest court. He asked Mr. Davis if it was “fair enough – that it would throw this garbage and conviction out?”

“No,” Davis said, “If he’s convicted… The New York court system is lost to left-wing whack jobs, people like Judge Arthur Engoron and people like Judge Juan Merchan.

Davis mentioned that these New York prosecutors and courts will scare away New York businesses and businesspeople because they see what’s happening to Trump, a billionaire, former and likely future president of the United States. Guess what, if they can do this to Trump, they can do this to any of you guys.”

The host asked about the gag order and the judge holding Donald Trump in contempt ten times and threatening jail.

Davis: “Yeah, for pointing out that this judge’s adult daughter Loren Merchan is raising millions off this case, requiring Judge Merchan’s recusal under New York statute. Even a former federal Clinton judge from the Southern District of New York went on Kaitlin Collin’s show on April 5th on CNN and said that the statute requires Merchan’s recusal. What was his response? Expanding this illegal, unconstitutional gag order.

“Trump can’t talk about Colangelo. Trump can’t respond to Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels trashing a criminal defendant. …the gag orders are supposed to protect the criminal defendant, right?

Colangelo is the prosecutor who keeps leaving prestigious, high-paying jobs to take down Donald Trump.

“Cohen and Stormy Daniels should be gagged. It won’t be the first time Stormy’s gagged, but they should be gagged, not President Trump, right?

“And it’s just outrageous that you have a criminal defendant who can’t respond. And Trump’s even being threatened to be jailed.  Judge Merchan is threatening to put Trump in jail for merely pointing out that the Manhattan jury pool voted 87% for Joe Biden. Somehow, that’s a violation of the gag order…”


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