Biden Orders Every Agency to Prioritize Environmental Justice


The executive order Biden signed today would make “environmental justice” the mission of federal agencies, the White House said. In reality, it’s more divisive racialism. It’s also the nail in the fossil fuel coffin.

Shouldn’t something like this require a law? It is not under the purview of an executive order. Where is the pushback?

The people who pull Biden’s strings are embedding Marxist ideology in every area of our government, so no other president can ever undo it. How do you take away benefits given to everyone but white people?

Environmental Justice and the threats to the planet were invented. It’s not anything. It’s just neo-Marxism.

This figurehead president just let an agency of unelected bureaucrats, the EPA, decide unilaterally that the US will stop making gasoline-powered vehicles. No one pushed back.

The US is full speed ahead in implementing the Green New Deal as outlined by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Green New Deal calls for the U.S. economy to achieve “net zero greenhouse gas emissions” by 2030. The US is to transition off all nuclear and fossil fuels as quickly as possible. It leaves us with solar and wind and is necessarily dependent on Maoist China for our materials.

The Green New Deal looks to equity, which the Left says is necessary to rectify disparate outcomes. All that matters are outcomes, not merit, effort, or commitment, only results.

Minorities are allegedly most affected by environmental harm. The Green New Deal requires Americans to raise them up. We do it through wealth redistribution.

The plan is to fill green jobs with the poor and give minorities guaranteed incomes through wealth redistribution and reparations.


Heartland Institute former President Tim Huelskamp summarizes the Green New Deal agendas as “the most radical socialist proposal in modern congressional history….

“[T]heir real desire is to accomplish the Left’s longtime goal of moving the United States toward full adoption of socialism. This isn’t just a theory. Significant provisions of the Green New Deal reveal its true purpose of imposing socialism on an unprecedented scale.

“The plan would create a ‘basic income program’ and federal jobs guarantee providing a ‘living wage’ to everybody who says they want one. It would impose a federal-government-run, single-payer health care system with bureaucrats and liberal politicians in Washington, D.C. in charge of every American’s health care. It would encourage the Federal Reserve to unleash inflation and create a system of government-owned banks to ‘create’ tens of trillions of dollars needed to fund these immense programs. None of these proposals has anything at all to do with climate change.”


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