Overwhelmed, ICE Is Looking Into Virtual Arrests to Help With Catch & Release


ICE is overwhelmed, and the situation is about to worsen as the Biden regime allows every mentally ill and gender-diverse person into the country without being detained.

As the border becomes increasingly flooded with illegal crossers from around the world, ICE proposed a solution this week – virtual arrests.


Today, we learned that every vulnerable illegal alien would not be detained. That includes the mentally ill, gender-confused individuals, and anyone claiming to fit into the vulnerable category.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is looking into “virtual” arrests. They need a solution for their growing backlog of unprocessed illegal immigrants.

They release everyone anyway!

Tae Johnson, screenshot from YouTube video of April hearing. He’s wisely retiring.

Deputy Director of ICE Tae Johnson told the House Appropriations Committee on April 18 that his agency has been overloaded with work due to the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants along the U.S. border with Mexico over the past two years.

As a result, illegal aliens are released without legal papers. They aren’t getting their “Notices to Appear.”

Johnson told Congress that ICE has to expedite the process in the most backlogged cities.

The “virtual arrest” option was one such initiative Johnson said ICE was pursuing.

Johnson cited “a request to the Hill to give us the authority that we can actually serve it virtually and agree to have people accept their documents electronically.”

ICE is only using 73% of its illegal migrant detention beds due to COVID-era rules, ICE Deputy Dir. Tae Johnson told Congress. Asked what ICE needs to enforce the law, Johnson said, “More beds than probably exist in the public sector.”

Here’s a meaningless answer to the fentanyl crisis:

ICE acting director Tae Johnson told lawmakers that officials discussed restarting family detention but that there are no imminent plans to do so: “At this time, there’s certainly no plan to restart family detention in any way, shape or form.”

Democrats are overwhelming the system to take us down.

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