Biden Plans to Make Taxpayers Fund Other Peoples’ College Loans


It looks like the Biden administration will make taxpayers fund college loans for his voting blocs. People making as much as $125,000 will get $10,000 in school loans “forgiven” so people who didn’t get the degree can pay for it.

CNN reported that the announcement could come Wednesday, and that additional forgiveness for specific parts of the population are on the table as well.

Specific parts of the population…hmmm. Let me guess, it’s his voting blocs and it will be based on skin color, not merit, not quality of work or grades, not anything that America stands for.

Socialist Democrats such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have pressed for a far more sweeping loan forgiveness program. The income cap was seen as a way of insulating the White House from criticism. That’s questionable. They don’t want to be accused of loan forgiveness for those who can afford their payments. Yet, $125,000 a year is a good income.

Love the way Democrats use the word “forgiveness.”

Sources told the network that the White House will also weigh in on the Aug. 31 expiration of the moratorium on student loan payments.

Last month, the Education Department told loan service providers not to contact borrowers about resuming payments, according to reports.

People who take out college loans should generally pay for them. Where in the Constitution does Biden have the power to forgive loans and make the rest of us pay for them?

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1 year ago

A Student Loan is a Contract. Where does the Constitution give the President the Power to set aside or unilaterally change a contract that has already been executed?

1 year ago

The people who paid their loans are given a big FU!