Biden prepares to sell out America


Steve Ricchetti

Steve Ricchetti will serve as counselor to Joe Biden, the transition team announced on Tuesday. He is a leftist globalist who will help Joe sell us out to China. We know this because he already has.

Ricchetti was chief of staff to then-Vice President Biden during the Obama administration and was deputy chief of staff to President Bill Clinton.

Clinton credited Ricchetti for leading negotiations with Congress in 2000 to pass a bill that established so-called Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) between China and the U.S. The bill also paved the way for China to join the World Trade Organization, which opened the communist regime’s historically closed-off economy to the West.

The report states that Democrats opposed the PNTR deal, including Nancy Pelosi, who said on April 19, 2000, “On the basis of trade alone, there is enough reason to oppose PNTR at this time. China has violated every trade agreement it has made with the U.S. over the last ten years.”

It cost US jobs – many jobs.

China’s entering the WTO has resulted in at least 3.4 million American jobs being eliminated from the United States economy — at least 2.6 million eliminated in the manufacturing sector.

Biden also supported NAFTA, which began the transfer of U.S. manufacturing.

He also supports the TPP and has said so. He will allegedly negotiate some parts but hasn’t said which ones.

Actually, he isn’t doing anything. His handlers are. He has some form of mental incapacitation.

Biden is a globalist and is also tied to the World Economic Forum, the planners of The Great Reset. The Great Reset is a new form of a socialist government to replace capitalism.

What did you think his motto, ‘Build Back Better,’ meant? It’s a fundamental transformation.

Biden also plans to refund the defunded U.N. programs and he’ll start forking over money to the China-tied World Health Organization.

Biden said he will also increase immigration by 800% and will institute his open our borders policies. In four years, the USA could start to become unrecognizable. By that time, Democrats might be the only ones who can win a presidential election.

Biden can’t sell us out fast enough.

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