Danish study finds masks don’t do as much as you think


A new Danish study out this morning has found no statistical difference in wearing masks versus not wearing masks as it applies to transmitting COV-19.

The NY Times reported that the study by researchers in Denmark asserts that surgical masks did not protect the wearers against infection with the coronavirus in a large randomized clinical trial.

The study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, did not contradict growing evidence that masks can prevent virus transmission from the wearer to others. But the conclusion is at odds with the view that masks protect the wearers — a position endorsed just last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They studied over 6,000 participants, and half wore surgical masks. The others were told not to wear masks in public. Just under 5,000 completed the study. About 42 people, or 1.8 percent, were infected compared with 53 in the unmasked group, or 2.1 percent. There was no statistical difference.

Other studies suggest masks do work.

The CDC cites several studies showing masks work, but most were controlled laboratory studies.

Full Danish study here


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tempus fugit
tempus fugit
2 years ago

What pandemic?? In the 14th Century 25 million people died of the plague. In 1918 the world population was about 1.9 billion and 50 million died because of the Spanish flu. The population of the USA was about 103 million and about 675,000 died in the USA. In 2020 our society has lost it’s mind and allowed itself to be controlled by the government when the population is about 331 million and the death toll from the china virus is about 250 thousand. Why isn’t this comparison being discussed? There is no ‘pandemic’ but there is an ignorant society being controlled by a lying leadership with the help of a dishonest media.

2 years ago

I saw the clip of the “Health Admiral” with more Government sanctioned fear mongering. If “the people” do not shape up we could lose 10’s of Thousands. “I’m urging everyone, and every Doc on the task force saying the same thing. This is really crunch time”. “This is a time we really need to ‘double-down’, because we are at the most serious part of the pandemic that we have been in the United States until this time”. REALLY???. Really now, This is worse than hospitals being overrun and all the hysteria some 8 or 9 months ago. “We need to lower that curve”.

What happened to “if we get through these two weeks nonsense. It’s been non-stop panic mode, and you had better panic because this is Spanish Flu all over again. First of all, why wasn’t this policy put in place during Obama when a pandemic was suppose to be imminent. It was already “on the books” under the Bush Administration, thanks to a 14 year old. What is different NOW is; the revelation that under Biden the Administration did Everything Wrong. Well, we can’t make that mistake again, so let’s brush the dust off that old Bush policy and put it into effect. That way No One can accuse US of failure. So when things begin to look dire we can then, blame the public for Not “following Orders”. It’s ALL their fault, because we are trying our best Here in DC.

In addition, Why is this virus even still around anymore. We are told all should be “safe” after a 14 day quarantine. If everyone is under house arrest for 14 days at the start then after that time lapses that should be the “end” of the virus. So maybe that didn’t catch “all” the virus. We’ll just do it another 14 days and that will catch the rest. But still* it persists. Think about it; If Lockdowns **are the answer then it follows it Should be diminishing, but it’s not. Evidently, according to this “Health Admiral”, and the “Docs” on the task force, we are at a precipice if we DON”T FOLLOW THE ADVICE. DO IT NOW. Essentially what they are telling us is, the more Lockdowns, the worse it’s getting. And people keep falling for it. One such study on Lockdowns concludes the opposite of conventional wisdom by these neo-Experts.


Even with following the stringent military requirements the virus couldn’t be contained. Do these worthless, feckless politicians and neo-Expert Health officials think their policies will achieve the necessary results. As one person says, A virus does what a virus does.

“All recruits wore double-layered cloth masks at all times indoors and outdoors, except when sleeping or eating; practiced social distancing of at least 6 feet; were not allowed to leave campus; did not have access to personal electronics and other items that might contribute to surface transmission; and routinely washed their hands. They slept in double-occupancy rooms with sinks, ate in shared dining facilities, and used shared bathrooms. All recruits cleaned their rooms daily, sanitized bathrooms after each use with bleach wipes, and ate preplated meals in a dining hall that was cleaned with bleach after each platoon had eaten. “

Sim Plefacts
Sim Plefacts
2 years ago

Yes, I wear a mask in stores. Not because the government says I have to but because I firmly believe that store has to the right to establish patronage rules. Remember “No Shirt, No Shoes…” and just add masks to that. I believe it is in your interest to protect yourself and your family but damned if the government has the right to order me to do so. Not going to do it outside of a store, no in my car, not in my home. When is the American public, United States citizenry, going to stand up and say “NO MORE.”

2 years ago

I wear a mask due to Texas laws to enter businesses and stores, not at home, no children, just two lovely cats. I am around sick people three days a week for dialysis treatment, everyone wears a mask there. So far so good.

A New Dark Ages
A New Dark Ages
2 years ago

I love the meme of the guy with sawdust on his face that got through the mask at 0.125 microns.
The flimsy throwaway masks can only stop 10 micron sizes.
It’s all Kabuki Theater for the one world order globalist reset.
Hopefully they turn against each other or there is some divine intervention.
Yes, I know hope isn’t a strategy but prayer never hurts.